HSB Engineering

HSB Engineering is a systems integration company that offers its services throughout the UK and in Europe for Smart House Projects.

We offer custom design, installation and upgrade/maintenance services to home owners and property developers. Whether it is smart security or heating and cooling solutions, home networking or energy management, network or multi-room AV solutions, our highly trained teams have the right experience and skills to specify the systems requirements properly, install/upgrade them competently and present them aesthetically.

Our Services

HSB Engineering hands you the complete control of your home. With our Smart House automation integration services, homeowners have the flexibility to mange each aspect of their home easily.

Our highly skilled experts are knowledgeable about all certifications and hardware and will install the system efficiently. Our teams can also take charge of ongoing maintenance or any upgrades that you may need. Our services include the following:

Automated Home

Simplest controls of otherwise complex systems. Control your home from your fingertips.

Smart Electrical

Effective and reliable wiring installation of the home automation system.

Adaptive Lighting

Enjoy a higher level of comfort and lower energy costs with smart lighting.

Smarter Audio

Access music from any room in the house with the integrated audio distribution system that blends with your home décor

Home Cinema

Bring the complete cinema experience right into your home.

Smart Networks

Smart Wi-Fi and data infrastructure in the home ensures that you are connected at all times.

Energy Efficient Environment

Replace thermostats with integrated heating and cooling controls that maintain the optimum temperature in your home, and ensure the lowest energy consumption.

Intelligent Security

Intelligent systems allow you to track and monitor your home remotely and grant access only to authorised people.

Design & Installation

Every home is a representation of the residents, and not every homeowner is the same. Our experts provide unbiased recommendations about systems that would be right for your home.

HSB Engineering will also take care of the design and installation of the systems, so that not only they are efficient in use, they are also presented naturally in the house.

If you’re looking for reliable system integration companies in the UK or anywhere in Europe, reach out to us, we’ll be happy to help.

Our Work

HSB Engineering has been delivering successful projects to clients with 100% satisfaction rate. Our clients trust us because of the quality of work we provide and the attention to detail.

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We take pride in what we do and customer satisfaction is our main goal.

Our Brands

Our brands are important part of our success. We are work with the top leading manufactures in the industry.

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